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Devised Theatre/Original Work


This section contains original work created through ensemble based devising methods or written material by myself. The approach to the work for each of these plays was tailored to the needs of each production. Some projects are based in physicality while some relied upon a more text driven approach. Some plays were solely created by the ensemble while other were were written by a playwright through inspiration from the ensemble. These approaches to creation of new work will also be the same for my Community Engaged Theater and my Commedia dell' Arte section of this portfolio.


Macbeth: Movement into Darkness

Can Shakespeare be performed without his words? This is the challenge presented to our ensemble at the start of this project. How can we create a watchable and easy to follow production of Macbeth where actors are silent?

Scenario by Dan Stone

Directed by Dan Stone


Touring Children's Theatre

LBCC Touring Shadow Theatre


The Crane Wife

A Japanese folk tale, The Crane Wife tells the poignant story of a man who rescues a crane, his wife who weaves beautiful silk clothing to raise them out of poverty, and the greed of a man that results in the loss of the love he holds most dear.

Directed by Dan Stone


The Agamemnon: Conquest-Revenge-Ritual

This play explores the world of myth and ritual by producing five traditional Greek tragedies: Iphigenia at Aulis, Hecuba, The Trojan Women, Agamemnon and Electra.

Directed by Dan Stone


Shades of Grey Vol.1 - Memories

This ensemble devised piece examines what it mean to get old in America.

Scenario by Dan Stone

Directed by Dan Stone


A Christmas Carol

This contemporary take on the classic written by Charles Dickens is set in America where Ebenezer Scrooge, a successful business woman, has built her money-making empire.

Directed by Dan Stone


The Streethawker

This ritual/play follows the experiences of the Streethawker who finds herself navigating the world of greed, religion and materialism.

by John Adekoje

Directed by Dan Stone


The Wherehouse

The Wherehouse is a time based public art installation exploring the utilization of time and audience perception.

Directed by Dan Stone


A Scarecrow

in OZ

Devised Theatre For Youth play about the origin story of the character, Scarecrow, from the book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Directed by Dan Stone

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