Sanctuary Stage strives to bring to the forefront the stories of micro-communities found within the larger community of the Willamette Valley, Oregon through a Community Engaged Theater-Making process.

 It is through work in the arts that I explore what it means to understand the human condition, the impermanence of our existence and how the sharing of a narrative can offer perspectives that otherwise might not be considered.   I believe that  participation within the arts creates a lasting connection between the mind, body, and soul. 

Throughout my career I have maintained a balance between my academic appointments and  artistic endeavors.   I have directed numerous plays within a wide range of style and genre. However, a good portion of what I produce often focuses on original play development and devised theatre projects.  It is from this experience in the creation and development of new plays where I find my greatest joy and fulfillment as an artist. Over the years I have developed a methodology by which original work is created through a shared ensemble approach and/or through a literary collaboration.  My playwriting and directing of original scripts with Sanctuary Stage is dominated by community engaged theater-making projects; script development through scenario and improvisation; music composition; and public art installations.  


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