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Click on the PDF icon below to read an article about my work with Sanctuary Stage from  International Journal of Social, Political and Community Agendas in the Arts, Oregon’s Sanctuary Stage:  Giving Voice to the Voiceless.

International Journal of Social, Political and Community Agendas in the Arts, Oregon’s Sanctuary Stage:  Giving Voice to the Voiceless

I believe that the theatre is a great mechanism for experimenting with new modes of creating compelling narratives, spectacles, experiences, and engaging in social dialogue while providing us with a diverse set of tools for creative expression, communication, and thought. I enjoy exploring various pathways of theatrical creation with the intent to develop a color palette from which I may conceive a piece of live performance as a devisor, director or writer. Some paths lead me back to older forms of performance inspired by artists who transformed the concept of art in their time. On the other hand, other paths lead me to consider techniques of creative language enabled by current technology. I am a theatre artist who values both tradition and innovation. I'm a theater artist who enjoys both "low tech" and "high tech." and enjoys both classical works and fresh inventive means of expression

My commitment to socially engaged creative practice is rooted in a deep conviction regarding the transformative potential of storytelling and theater. I believe that theater, uniquely, can vividly portray life experiences, educate audiences, and catalyze dialogue for societal progress. Inspired by the philosophy of Brazilian theater practitioner Augusto Boal, who posited that "theatre can help us build our future, rather than just waiting for it," I collaborate with communities to explore and comprehend the human condition, utilizing narrative sharing to spur social change. My co-founding of Sanctuary Stage was driven by a passion for community collaboration. Through this platform, I develop original productions using community-engaged, devised, and applied play-making methodologies. For me, the creative process extends beyond the mere staging of a theatrical piece; it is about crafting immersive experiences that stimulate intellectual reflection, captivate audiences, and foster active community engagement. Central to these projects is the concept of mutual mentorship, a reciprocal relationship that develops between community participants and myself. By collaborating with community members, we co-create solutions that are meaningful, relevant, and sustainable. These experiences have enriched my professional and personal life, providing me with new insights and skills that inform my future artistic endeavors. Furthermore, these projects aim to engage leaders and policymakers, inviting them to attend performances and participate in crucial dialogues on the explored issues. By celebrating the richness of individual lives, the vibrancy of communities, and the diverse perspectives they offer, these projects contribute to the fabric of society.

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Chapter Seven of this newly released book titled Artists Activating Sustainability: The Oregon Story focuses on my Community Engaged Theatre work with Sanctuary Stage.

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