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Movement into Darkness

When shall we three meet again?.MP3Artist Name
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“Is this a dagger I see before my eyes?”Artist Name
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Directed by Dan Stone

Can Shakespeare be performed without his words? This is the challenge presented to our ensemble at the start of this project. How can we create a watchable and easy to follow production of the "M" word play where actors are silent?

We went through the play and identified the major moments of the play that helped push forward the story. Once those moments were identified a scenario was developed -- what happens when and where throughout the production. Once we had a storyline, I knew right away that without a vocal language there needed to be some kind of audible source that moved the action forward and at the same time support the general mood and atmosphere of the scene. An underscore was the obvious answer. Using the scenario as a guide underscore music was created for each scene that reflected the mood of the scene. There is an example of the underscore on this page. 

Once we had through line with the story and the supporting music for each scene, we needed to develop a physical language that could transmit the essence of these moments. I thought it would be best to utilize the physical language of melodrama from the Delsarte Philosophy of Expression. “The Delsarte system is founded on the great principle of the law of correspondence; that is, every expression of the face, every gesture, every posture of the body corresponds to, or is but the outward expression of, an inner emotion or condition of the mind, be it one of beauty or one of ugliness”. Utilizing this physical form of communication, we  carefully choreographed each scene of the play.

To bolster the content of each scene video projections were used. We found a line from each scene that exemplified the essence of each scene. Also, images of classic paintings were projected as well to help with a visual representation of the moment.

Scenic Design: Dan Stone

Lighting Design: Dan Stone

Sound Design/Original Music: Dan Stone

Costume Design: Tinamarie Ivey

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