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Community Engaged Theater


All of the plays in this section are original works created through a Community Engaged Theatre Making method. This process involves the collaboration and participation of members of local diverse communities and our creative team.  The objective of this process is to develop and produce of an original play which is devised through this collaboration.  Projects of this nature create a dialogue, builds bridges between communities and gives a voice to the voiceless.  These projects would not be possible without our community partners and participants.

"We believe that the process of community engagement in the arts and the creation of original work results in giving participants a collaborative process that will help strengthen the community and promote tolerance, understanding and productive dialogue."

All work here was produced by, Sanctuary Stage. This company was co-founded by myself and Tinamarie Ivey. Sanctuary Stage has been the recipient of numerous state funded grants from the California Arts Council and the Oregon Arts Commission


Un Carol de Independence is an original play focusing on the lives, experiences and challenges of Latino families in the City of Independence, Oregon.

Un Carol de Independence


This original play brings to life the poignant story of veterans and their families suffering from the effects of PTSD, based on the lives and stories of veterans residing in the Willamette Valley Oregon. this play was work-shopped with our veteran participants.

Tango Mike


Peace Be Upon You addresses the relationship between Sumaiya and Chelsea, college roommates in a rural Oregon University who must put aside their differences as they navigate cultural and political challenges. Powerful theater from our community!

Peace Be Upon You


Josefina Jordan, Jr. Underwater Explorer and the Mystery of the Plastic Fish

Josephina Jordan, Junior Underwater Explorer and the Mystery of the Plastic Fish is a children's theater play written in collaboration with the Oregon Coast Aquarium

Written/Direct by Dan Stone


I Got Guns!

In this Commedia dell 'Arte production we are using the demons of the past to tell the stories of today.  An irreverent comedy, I Got Guns, is a satirical commentary on guns, politics and love. 


Shades of Grey Vol.1 - Memories

This ensemble devised piece examines what it mean to get old in America.

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