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Josefina Jordan, Junior Underwater Explorer and the Mystery of the Plastic Fish

This puppet based spectacle explores the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans through the eyes of 12 year old Josefina Jordan, the youngest member of the International Association of Underwater Explorers.  Jo Jo and her first mate, Archibald Otter, search the depths of the deepest oceans in their submarine, Big Tuna, in hopes of finding the source of a mysterious diease. This disease is causing all the ocean life to transform into solid plastic. Will they find the source of this plague? Will they find a way to transform the ocean life back to their natural state? What will they discover on their journey?

This play was created in a year long collaborative process with the staff of the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

Costume Design: Tinamarie Ivey

Puppet Design: Tinamarie Ivey

Scenic Design: Dan Stone, Richard Elvin

Lighting Design: Dan Stone

Sound Design/Original Music: Alyson Fewless

Written/Directed by Dan Stone


Read through of the final script with staff from the Oregon Coast Aquarium

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