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Un Carol de Independence


Written and Directed by Dan Stone


After a request by the Mayor of the City of Independance Oregon, Sanctuary Stage embarked on creating an original play focusing on the lives, experiences and challenges of Latino families in the City of Independence.  Un Carol de Independence was be developed through a community engaged play-making process with information obtained from story-circles, interviews, & public forums. This project was in collaboration with the City of Independence, Department of Latino Outreach and the residents of Independence.

Our objective was to involve over 1,200 Polk County residents to participate in the creation and performance of a new play about the Latino culture and history in the City of Independence.  We expect that this project will strengthen inter-generational and cross-cultural relationships between those from different professions, ages, cultures and economic backgrounds. This project also provided sustainability for future community arts projects within the city through the professional training in community based theater-making for community members, artists and social justice advocates from within the city.

Scenic Design: Dan Stone

Lighting Design: Dan Stone

Costume Design: Tinamarie Ivey

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