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The Tempest


by William Shakespeare

Directed by Dan Stone

I am a big fan of Shakespeare and an even bigger fan of Julie Taymor. In the the 1980's Julie Taymor produced a version of The Tempest with a paired down cast. She lift the story lines of the relationships of Trinculo, Stephano, Calaban, Prospero, Airel and Miranda to tell her version. As a result you have a much shorter play with an interesting perspective of Shakespeare's story. I wanted to see if I could replicate the Taymor version the best I could. I however, added the character, Ferdinand, to round off the cast list. In my casting I also used a female Prospero instead of a male actor. I found that the relationship between mother and daughter to be a far more powerful approach than what is traditionally accepted with a male actor.

This production, as with other productions of mine, also included original music created by myself as well as the mask design.

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