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Medical Simulations

Simulated Convulsive Seizure

A student dance major has come to see an athletic trainer complaining of a twisted ankle. During the diagnosis the dancer began present symptoms of a convulsive seizure.


The role of the artist utilized as a simulated patient is intricate and arduous. The utilization of simulated patients entails the development of genuine personas, support in the facilitation of effective educational results, and the provision of a secure environment for healthcare professionals to hone their abilities.

I work closely with nursing and sports medicine programs to provide actors who exhibit symptoms of various injuries, illness and conditions. The aim of this work is to  simulate real life conditions for medical students in order to make real time diagnosis. during these simulations the students athletic trainers are unaware of what is going to happen. they must think quickly on their feet and make an educated diagnosis.

Theatre students receiving a pre-simulation briefing from the athletic medicine faculty.

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