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I Got Guns 2.0


Directed by Dan Stone

Whether you are a liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican, gun lover or gun hater you will find something to laugh about in, I Got Guns. This irreverent comedy pokes fun at people and politics on the extreme ends of liberalism, conservatism and gun policies in the United States. Told through the lens of Commedia dell’ Arte, this show is filled with outrageous humor, original music, physical comedy, and best of all-- true love!

Pantalone, a gun manufacturer tries to make a deal with the government to illegally sell arms to an unsavory government official. Pantalone's daughter, Isabella and her fiance', Flavio, attempt to foil his plans with the help of the servant Arlecchino.

This play was revived to include the current state of affairs in American politics in 2019 and performed by students of LBCC. This particular 2019 production was invited to perform at the Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival Region 7 conference. More about the original production in my Devised Theatre section.

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