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The Cat in the Hat


by Katie Mitchel

Directed by Dan Stone

I teach my theater students how to be creative problem-solvers. Those techniques helped cast and crew members bring “The Cat in the Hat” to life. We were charged with how to bring Dr. Seuss’ illustrations from the page to the stage.

How do we master the cat standing on one foot on a ball, while balancing books, a fish, a rake and then a coffee cup on top of his hat?” Stone asked. “You can’t go out and buy a Dr. Seuss style milk bottle or mirror or table. Every single thing we made for this particular play.

We’ve stayed true to the color palette of the book. Everything is nice fire engine red, powder blue, white and peach. It’s very Dr. Seuss in the design.

Lighting Design: Dan Stone

Scenic Design: Dan Stone

Sound Design: Richard Elvin

Props/Puppet Design: Dan Stone, Tinamarie Ivey, Richard Elvin

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