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Jacob Marley

This is a brief video detailing how the Jacob Marley puppet works in our 2011 production of  A Christmas Carol.

Wiley and the Hairyman

Here is a look at how we created giant shadows in the production of WIley and the Hairyman.

How the Monkey Lost its Tail

A brief overview of a Touring Childrren's Theatre production.

The Crane Wife

Rehearsal footage.

City of Albany 5K Zombie Run

Footage of myself and Makeup Students applying zombie makeup for community members to who participated in the 5K Run.


In this brief video I discuss the inner workings of the Ghost of Christmas Past and Present in the  production of   A Christmas Carol.


This is a promo video for the production of Agamemnon.

Sing to me Through Open Windows

Video promo for the production of Sing to me through Open Windows

Veteran Voices

A discussion on the development of  a community based play which was eventually entitled, Tango Mike.

City of Albany 5K Zombie Run

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